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  • Darcy Kuntz - The Chronology of the Golden Dawn

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    A presentation of the historical events and personages which made the Golden Dawn a force in the metaphysical philosophy of the twentieth century.

  • The Magicians of the Golden Dawn: A Documentary History of a Magical Order, 1887-1923 by Ellic Howe

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    Howe’s documentary study of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is the standard scholarly history of the order. The book charts the entire history of the order in exquisite detail — delineating the biographies of the founding and prominent members, the origin of the mysterious Cipher Manuscript upon whose authority the order was founded, and the myriad of internal controversies which resulted in the order’s eventual dissolution. No other work that I have come across, to include the scholarly histories of R.A. Gilbert come close to treating the subject with as much attention to detail as Howe’s work does. His exhaustive analysis of the manuscripts and letters which comprise the book’s primary sources make this an exemplary historical study. Insofar as my research was concerned, Howe’s study was an essential reference for charting the late history of the order, and the orders that emerged from the Golden Dawn’s dissolution. Of particular importance was his work on the Stella Matutina, the order into which Israel Regardie was initiated.

  • Pat Zalewski - Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

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    The key to this book's value is that it is a reference book of source material meant to live in the context of a Golden Dawn collection. It is packed with original material not to be found elsewhere in print, before or yet again as of the date of this review. While this book will be of interest to everyone who studies Kabbalah, it will be of especial interest to Golden Dawn practitioners and scholars who wish to deepen their knowledge of this particular "GD" approach to Kabbalah. Having said that, it is not a Primer but assumes a basic knowledge of the GD kabbalistic structure and metaphors available elsewhere, from which basis it is a deeper discussion and an enhancement -- even, in some cases, an intriguing challenge to what is elsewhere printed. It will therefore be invaluable to anyone who has already picked up the basics of the Golden Dawn approach to Kabbalah who wants deeper information on a particular point, at which time they can study the original documents inside, which are minimally colored by commentary. A technical example is the Chapter on the ShemHaMephorash, or the name in extension. Zalewski tells where the original Philosophus lecture comes from, and provides an interesting diagram from that original Paper that stands in contrast to the Leo centered ordering of the angels of the Name provided by Mathers, a scheme which is central to the GD understanding of the Tarot pip cards. This may be significant or not to different readers, but is invaluable food for thought to anyone seriously working out for themselves the true attributions of the Name in Extension to the Zodiac and the Tarot.

  • Chris Zalewski - Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn

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    Enochian Chess is both a game and a divination tool, derived from the Enochian tablets of Dr. John Dee and updated in the 19th century by members of the Golden Dawn. Spend many enjoyable hours on game settings, piece movements and rules as you attempt to paralyze your opponents' play. Plus it provides insight into how the pieces themselves represent the movements of archetypes and their interactions with each other.


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    * These documents are provided for information and research purposes only. Please be aware that Sacred Magick does not necessarily endorse or control the content of many of these documents, nor is it responsible for any claims, opinions or information accessed therein.




    Buy from Amazon:

    The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic

    by Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabatha Cicero

    The Essential Golden Dawn The Golden Dawn is one of the most influential and respected systems of magic in the world. Over a century old, the teachings of this once-secret society are considered the capstone of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Yet many of the available books on the subject are too complex or overwhelming for readers just beginning to explore alternative spiritual paths.

    The Essential Golden Dawn is for those who simply want to find out what the Golden Dawn is and what it has to offer. Written by recognized experts on the topic, this introduction to High Magic is both straightforward and succinct. It explores the origins of Hermeticism and the Western Esoteric Tradition, as well as the rich history of the Golden Dawn and its founders. This guide explains the "laws" of magic and magical philosophy, describes different areas of magical knowledge that a Golden Dawn magician can expect to learn, and presents basic rituals for the novice.

    If you have been curious about the Golden Dawn, but intimidated by its scope, this concise guide will shed light on this powerful system of practical magic and spiritual growth.

    Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript

    by Carroll Poke Runyon, Poke Runyon

    This book contains the complete, original Cypher Manuscript of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in facsimile along with fully annotated decipherment, a detailed synopsis of the text and a fascinating history of the manuscript itself. The author provides a scholarly commentary establishing the considerable value of the Cypher Manuscript and offering an elegant defense of Dr. W. Wynn Westcott's motives and methods in creating the Fraulein Sprengel ruse. Runyon suggests that there may have been a real person behind the Sprengel "Charter Myth". The book goes on to reveal that: The Cypher Manuscript contains the ancient design for a radically different Eleven Sphere Tree of Life.

    Also included is a never-before-published article written especially for this book by the leading Golden Dawn authority, Robert A. Gilbert, on Dr. Westcott's Cypher Notebook (including facsimiles). These are Westcott's actual notes, taken directly from the cyphers, that he, not MacGregor Mathers, used to develop the Golden Dawn's Outer Order rituals.

    There have been other versions of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript published but this is the only book that fully examines the mysterious document and actually reveals its secrets. This book is more than a reference tool for magicians, it is a significant commentary on the origins of the Golden Dawn -- and of interest to all thoughtful students of the esoteric.

    The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot: Your Complete System for Divination, Skrying, and Ritual Magick

    by Bill Genaw, Judi Genaw, Chic Cicero, S. Tabatha Cicero

    This powerful and innovative new tarot is really two decks in one. It is the only deck of its kind to contain two separate and distinct tarot decks in one pack of cards, each with its own set of imagery, card interpretations, card spreads, and magical uses.

    The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot is tailor-made for Enochian ritual work, Tattva skrying, and divination. Each card contains the complete symbolism of the Enochian square that it represents, including the elemental, astrological, geomantic, alchemical, tarot, Egyptian god, archangelic, angelic, kerubic, and Hebrew letter correspondences. The companion guide included in this kit contains complete instructions for working with all aspects of this system, including divinatory card meanings and spreads, and complete instructions for Enochian magick, pyramid skrying, and Tattvic work. This deck does it all.

    Ritual Use of Magical Tools: The Magician's Art

    by C. Cicero, Sandra Tabatha Cicero

    • Paperback: 286 pages
    • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Reprint edition (January 1, 2000)
    • ISBN: 1567181430
    • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.5 x 0.8 inches

    Creating Magical Tools: The Magician's Craft

    by Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabatha, Sandra Tabatha Cicero

    • Paperback: 343 pages
    • Publisher: Llewellyn Pubns; 2nd edition (November 1, 1999)
    • ISBN: 1567181422
    • Product Dimensions: 1.0 x 7.8 x 9.2 inches

    Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn: Works by S.L. Macgregor Mathers and Others

    by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, Francis King

    • Paperback: 288 pages

    • Publisher: Destiny Books (May 1, 1997)

    • ISBN: 0892816171
    • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.4 x 0.7 inches

    Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition: A Complete Curriculum of Study for Both the Solitary Magician and the Working Magical Group (Llewell)

    by Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabatha Cicero

    • Paperback: 784 pages

    • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 1st ed edition (June 1, 1995)
    • ISBN: 1567181368
    • Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches

    The Golden Dawn: A Complete Course in Practical Ceremonial Magic/4 in 1 (Llewellyn's Golden Dawn Series)

    by Israel Regardie, Cris Monnastre, Carl Weschcke

    • Paperback: 807 pages
    • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 6th edition (November 1, 1989)
    • ISBN: 0875426638
    • Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.6 inches




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