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Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence

Learn How To Evoke Any Spirit To Full Physical Appearance.

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Five Rituals

 Discover how to look 30 years younger in just 10 minutes a day!

Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path.

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  • Gertrud Hirschi - Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 233 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Mudras also playfully called the "finger power points" are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing, or walking. They can be done at any time and place while stuck in traffic, at the office, watching TV, or whenever you have to twiddle your thumbs waiting for something. Hirschi shows you how these techniques can prevent illness, relieve stress, and heal emotional problems. Yoga for the hands--sounds too good to be true. Do it at the office, on an airplane, lying in bed. Seasoned yoga teacher Gertrud Hirschi has used these hand postures to ease asthma, relieve flu symptoms, think more effectively, relieve tension, even have a bowel movement. The possibilities she attributes to these ancient Indian techniques are endless. Join the tips of the index finger and thumb: this clears the mind. Switch the thumb to the little finger: this restores the body's fluid balance. It's not quite that easy, of course. Hirschi is careful to lay out exercise regimens, related herbal remedies, and associated affirmations. Like a classroom instructor, she guides with simultaneous breathing advice and conjures up helpful images. From building character to healing emotional pain, from bringing luck to connecting with the divine, mudras can work wonders. Now limber up those digits and lets get into spiritual shape.

  • 254
  • Tiet Sin Kuen (The Iron Thread)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 80 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Provides a detailed description of the old Shaolin method of "Internal Training". A master of the Iron Thread can withstand, with no consequences, the strongest of blows, including ones with heavy objects or cold steel arms, bend thick iron rods with his hands, and his "rooting power" is so strong that he cannot be displaced by a group of strong people. In addition, this wonderful method strengthens all internal organs, bones, muscles and sinews. The entire body thrives and rejuvenate

  • 255
  • Libellus Magicus/The True Magical Work of the Jesuits

    Downloaded: 1 times | Add to wishlist | Download for @5 credits


  • 256
  • [ recommended ] Frater U.D. - High Magick In Theory and Practice Vol I

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 435 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    Knowledge is power. And when it comes to magic, the more you know, the more successful you will become. This book provides you with a thorough introduction to magical theory along with proven and useful exercises and spells designed to enhance and expand your magical abilities.
    Often called ceremonial or ritual magic, high magic incorporates occult and esoteric knowledge from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well as medieval Judaism and Christianity. This stream of knowledge has been practiced by diverse magical groups: the Freemasons, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis, as well as luminaries such as W.B. Yeats, Alesiter Crowley, and Kenneth Anger.

    Respected magician and occult scholar Frater U:. D:. is an adept with decades of experience in the theory and practice of high magic. Novice and even advanced magicians will find many practical gems within these pages, and those familiar with occult theory will appreciate his practical perspective on many key magical topics, including money magic, chaos magic, cyber magic, trance work, and planetary and sigil magic. The techniques presented in this text, practiced regularly with diligence and dedication, provide the basis for a lifetime of truly powerful magical experiences.

  • 257
  • George Soros - The Alchemy of Finance

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    George Soros is unquestionably one of the most powerful and profitable investors in the world today. Dubbed by BusinessWeek as "the Man who Moves Markets," Soros made a fortune competing with the British pound and remains active today in the global financial community. Now, in this special edition of the classic investment book, The Alchemy of Finance, Soros presents a theoretical and practical account of current financial trends and a new paradigm by which to understand the financial market today. This edition's expanded and revised Introduction details Soros's innovative investment practices along with his views of the world and world order. He also describes a new paradigm for the "theory of reflexivity" which underlies his unique investment strategies. Filled with expert advice and valuable business lessons, The Alchemy of Finance reveals the timeless principles of an investing legend.

  • 258
  • Grimoire of John Fian

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 90 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    This extremely rare and sought after work was translated by Robert Blanchard, from an original manuscript of the 16th Century practitioner Dr. John Fian, in the Scottish and English traditions of old black witchcraft.


  • 259
  • Deep Meditation

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 42.7MB zipped MP3s | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    the easiest way to meditateMaybe you?ve tried to meditate before but gotbored and lost interest. It?s no wonder--learning to quiet yourmind and enter into deep meditative states can take years ofpractice. Now you can easily reach depths of meditation that wouldotherwise take years of practice to attain. Deep Meditationprovides all the benefits of profound meditation without endlesshours of discipline. Within minutes, you feel yourself lifted fromphysical tension and mental anxieties. As stress dissolves, you?llfeel a higher, more refined energy moving through your body. Apowerful combination of Brain Wave frequencies guides you into theextraordinary meditation state known as ?Body Asleep-Mind Awake.?As your brain awakens, rich, resonant music based on ancientmystical traditions opens the flow of energy in your body. Whileyour chakras vibrate in resonance with the universe, they becomebalanced, energized and open. At the end of 30 minutes you?ll feelrefreshed, revitalized and nourished at the deepest levels.This classic meditation program has been extensively used andstudied by biofeedback therapists. In a study conducted by TheOther 90% in San Francisco, using a 24 electrode EEG showed thatan astounding 87% of research subjects, who had never meditatedbefore, entered the Theta State of advanced meditation.

  • 260
  • Get the Edge - Personal Journal (includes Personal Power ClassicJournal)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

        Personal Power Classic EditionThe most successful personal and professional achievement programof all time.

    * Harness the power of decision to turn any dream into reality.
    * Use role models to accelerate the pace of your success.
    * Command the forces of pain and pleasure to compel yourself tofollow through.
    * Apply the science of Neuro-Associative Conditioning topermanently change any pattern of thinking, feeling, or behaving.With this in place, the results you want become the results youattain.
    * Complete a goal-setting workshop to focus yourself on what it isyou want most in every area of your life.
    * Understand the driving force behind all human behavior - and thesix Human Needs that control everything you think, feel and do.Day 1 - The Key To Personal Power (47.3MB zippedMP3s)

  • 261
  • David Cherubim - Alchemy: The Black Art

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 40 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits


  • 262
  • Soaring Crane Qigong Remedy 2 - Discharging Substances From Liver

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 2 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @5 credits

    2 page instructions on cleansing the Liver


  • 263
  • Ken Cohen - The Practice of Qigong: Meditation and Healing

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 14.8MB zipped MP3s, duration: 4 hours 54 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    The Practice of Qigong Ken Cohen Learn every phase of this powerful system for tapping into qi ? the vital life force of your body and the universe. Five complete sessions reveal qigong?s secrets of breathing, posture, healing imagery, visualization, and much more. "It is rare to find the caliber of teacher such as Ken Cohen


  • 264
  • Yang Jwing-Ming - The Secret of Youth

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 33 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    For over one thousand years, Da Mo's timeless Classics have been considered the key to enlightenment and long-lasting youth. Now, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, one of the worlds leading authorities on Qigong, has made these ancient and profound teachings accessible to everyone


  • 265
  • Falun Gong (Law Wheel Qigong)

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 98 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    For the first time, the original, profound principles of qigong were made available to the general public


  • 266
  • Yang Jwing-Ming - Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 109 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    Dr. Yang's book starts with a very thorough, but not too long explanation of the principles of Qigong. The Qigong routines taught in the second half of the book, are very popular traditional routines that are hundreds of years old not the watered-down, "simplified-for-dumb-Westerners" routines that you find in some books


  • 267
  • Spring Forest QiGong Manual

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 31 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Spring Forest Qigong is a practice of simple movements, mental focus, breathing and meditation. Chunyi Lin has blended these together into a system that is so simple yet so very powerful that thousands of students have found the practice life-changing.


  • 268
  • Qigong for Health and Vitality by Michael Tse

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 86 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @200 credits

    In this lucid introduction to the ancient Chinese health exercise known an Qigong, Hong Kong native Tse expertly guides readers through the origins and philosophy of Qigong before offering illustrated, step-by-step instructions. After a discussion of the benefits of Qigong (stress reduction, improved posture, weight loss, etc.), the volume presents clear, sequentially arranged directions for executing the precise movements that mimic animals (e.g., a "peeping" monkey and a flying pigeon) or rely on simple balancing and other continuous actions. Tse concludes with advice on meditation and proper breathing. Readers interested in exploring Eastern forms of exercise should take a look at this one

  • 269
  • Qi Gong Correspondence Program

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 216 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @500 credits

    The Chinese National Chi Kung Institute's Home Correspondence Course. Sold for $330 this course has 9 levels, 36 exercises and a lot of diagrams


  • 270
  • Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 447 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Well written and clearly explained, this English language text book covers all phases of Acupuncture. A stand-alone textbook for anyone interested in this Chinese Science. Contains black and white photographs, line drawings and color meridian maps, full essays on all Meridians and the medical uses of each acupuncture point.
    Annotations, notes and full printing of all pages is enabled


  • 271
  • [ recommended ] The Complete Acupuncture Program

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 181 MB program file | Add to wishlist | Download for @300 credits

    This program introduces and describes the skilled use of acupuncture and moxibustion. It details the body points and needles used, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, as well as use in medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, opthamology, and skin diseases.

    534 clinical research studies using acupuncture are described in great depth. Videos include an acupuncture demonstration and a comprehensive lecture by Wei Liu, Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

    Also included are body charts, a glossary of acupuncture points, over 60 diagrams, tables relating to the study of acupuncture, full-text search, annotations, bookmarking, and more.

    Anyone with an interest in acupuncture, whether practitioner or patient, can benefit from this detailed, yet easy-to-use program.

  • 272
  • The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 65 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    This book teaches how to exert a powerful, irresistible influence upon the reason or will of another. A belief in the existence of a personal power, influence, or atmosphere, on the part of certain individuals, which enables the possessor to attract, influence, dominate or control others, has been held by the race from the earliest days of written history.


  • 273
  • Breathwork Yoga - Yogic Breathing by Brainvave Mind Voyage

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 79.6MB zipped MP3s | Add to wishlist | Download for @500 credits

    This audios contains ten tracks that are specifically engineered to tune your brainwaves to different complex combinations of brainwave ranges (alpha, theta, delta) with a hypnotic soundscape for your listening pleasure. You can follow along on this guided breathwork yoga session to learn profound deep breathing techniques. You can use this audios to tune or synchronize your brainwaves to specific frequencies. Your brainwave frequencies determine your mindstate, your awareness and your mood. By tuning them into specific frequencies, you can effectively induce states of consciousness that are beneficial for breathwork, deep relaxation and optimal mental and physical health. This BMV Series uses hypnosis, hypnotic trance induction techniques, autogenic training, embedded brainwave beat frequencies including the 40 Hz frequency, subliminal messages and split-ear scripted vocal guidance that target the appropriate hemisphere of your brain, either right or left depending on the message. It teaches you, the listener, several deep breathing techniques and you can use this to implant beneficial subliminal messages aimed at developing positive deep breathing throughout your entire day.

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