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Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence

Learn How To Evoke Any Spirit To Full Physical Appearance.

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Five Rituals

 Discover how to look 30 years younger in just 10 minutes a day!

Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path.

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  • Meditation with the Archangel Auriel

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  • A Book of Satyrs

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    A richly illustrated book of images. Some of Spare's techniques, particularly the use of sigils and the creation of an "alphabet of desire" were adopted, adapted and popularized by Peter J. Carroll in the work Liber Null & Psychonaut. Carroll and other writers such as Ray Sherwin are seen as key figures in the emergence of some of Spare's ideas and techniques as a part of a magical movement loosely referred to as chaos magic. Zos Kia Cultus is a term coined by Kenneth Grant, with different meanings for different people. One interpretation is that it is a form, style, or school of magic inspired by Spare. It focuses on one's individual universe and the influence of the magician's will on it. While the Zos Kia Cultus has very few adherents today, it is widely considered an important influence on the rise of chaos magic.

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  • The Red Book of Appin Translated by Scarabaeus

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    Black magic and demonolatry from the collection of Joseph Appin. The Red Book of Appin is a name many occultists may have heard but few would know much about.

    Folklore claims the book was stolen from the Devil as a trick by a young shepherd on whom Satan had set his sights. Montague Summers in his History of Witchcraft and Demonology relates that the book “contained a large number of magic runes and incantations for the cure of cattle diseases, the increase of flocks and the fertility of fields” and (in common with many books of magic) its simple possession conferred upon the owner certain preternatural powers. By Summers’ time the book had already been missing for at least 100 years.

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  • Greek And Roman Necromancy

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    For specialists, this is a treasure trove of the ancient evidence on necromancy and its related modern scholarship. The first of its kind and filled with information, this volume will be of central importance to thoseinterested in the rapidly expanding, inherently fascinating, and intellectually exciting subjects of ghosts and magic in antiquity.


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  • Freya Aswynn - Songs of Yggdrasil

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 34MB zipped MP3s, duration: 37.38 minutes | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    If you want to experience the power and beauty of the Norse tradition, rather than just read about it, you must have this CD! Freya Aswynn, Priestess of Odin and Rune Mistress, presents the history of runes in what can only be called a magical performance. Both powerful and moving, these chants are living, potent spells. Included on this extraordinary 40-minute CD is a unique adaptation of the Havamal, the ancient myth of the runes and how they were discovered by Odin


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  • Ecstasy

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    experience sexual ecstasyCompletelyfree of spoken words or guidance, this program delivers 60 minutesof music and frequencies designed to relax you while increasingsexual energy. Within minutes, music based on Eastern Tantrictraditions opens and activates your heart and sexual chakras. Youexperience a euphoric rush of ?releasing? and exaltation asendorphins flood your system. This rapturous state of delightremoves psychic barriers, deeply entrenched inhibitions and fears.You are transported to a realm of sensual inspiration and attunedto experience peak pleasure and sexual fulfillment. Listen dailyas a meditation practice to expand your heart and build moresexual energy. You can also play this music over speakers (withoutheadphones) to create a sensual atmosphere for you and yourpartner.

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  • Sacred Ground

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    discover the sacred ground of your soulCompletely free of spoken words or guidance,this meditation program takes you into the elusive theta state.Vivid imagery sparkles before your mind's eye. You feel exalted asyour soul soars to the higher ethers of universal knowledge. Inthis blissful state of reverie, you experience untold depths ofinner peace. Over a four-week period, your brain?s electromagneticenergy is progressively balanced, organized and amplified. As yougo to deeper levels of Theta, bursts of electrical activity called?kindling? ignite flashes of insight and inspiration. In thisextraordinary state, searched for by so many, the mysteries hiddenin the other 95% of your brain are revealed. You enter the precisestate of meditation that is essential to empowering yourvisualizations and accelerating manifestation. This is the perfectall-in-one program for all levels: From the beginner, who wants tobe led gradually into deeper levels of meditation, to the moreexperienced listener, who wishes to have a variety of music andbrain wave states available in a single program.

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  • Deep Meditation

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    the easiest way to meditateMaybe you?ve tried to meditate before but gotbored and lost interest. It?s no wonder--learning to quiet yourmind and enter into deep meditative states can take years ofpractice. Now you can easily reach depths of meditation that wouldotherwise take years of practice to attain. Deep Meditationprovides all the benefits of profound meditation without endlesshours of discipline. Within minutes, you feel yourself lifted fromphysical tension and mental anxieties. As stress dissolves, you?llfeel a higher, more refined energy moving through your body. Apowerful combination of Brain Wave frequencies guides you into theextraordinary meditation state known as ?Body Asleep-Mind Awake.?As your brain awakens, rich, resonant music based on ancientmystical traditions opens the flow of energy in your body. Whileyour chakras vibrate in resonance with the universe, they becomebalanced, energized and open. At the end of 30 minutes you?ll feelrefreshed, revitalized and nourished at the deepest levels.This classic meditation program has been extensively used andstudied by biofeedback therapists. In a study conducted by TheOther 90% in San Francisco, using a 24 electrode EEG showed thatan astounding 87% of research subjects, who had never meditatedbefore, entered the Theta State of advanced meditation.

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  • Dick Sutphen - Temple of Light

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    The Temple of Light is a mind-movie meditation like nothing you've ever experienced. For 65 minutes, you become the central character on a journey of self-discovery. Produced with incredible three-dimensional sound effects, you journey to Kathmandu, where you meet a Sherpa guide who leads you deep into the Himalayas. Along the way, you meet various travellers who ask soul-searching questions you'll answer in your mind. The travel, the mountains, and the people become real to you. People in the teahouses talk to you, ask questions, and provide messages the Masters have asked them to relay. Eventually, you reach The Temple of Light, where you?ll meet the Masters, experience a chakra initiation, and be offered the opportunity to have all your questions answered. By dividing the meditation journey into ten tracks, you can experience it any way you desire. As an example, if you don't want to meditate for the full 65 minutes, you can set your CD player to play only Tracks 1 through 5. Then count yourself awake at the end of that time. The next time you do the meditation, set you CD player to play Track 2 (the body relaxation), plus Tracks 6 through 10 to finish the journey. If you like a particular portion of the journey, you can experience it at will

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  • 48 Laws Of Power

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  • William Gray - Language Of The Gods

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  • William Gray - Condensation of Kabbalah

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  • The Study of Christian Cabala in English by Don Karr

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  • Shem Ha-Mephoresch - The 72 FoldName

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  • Sefer HaShmoth The Book of the Names

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  • Schemhamphorasch & Angels of the Quinaries

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  • Angels Of Chaos by Frater Elijah

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  • The Function of Pyramids

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  • Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

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  • Pocket Guide to Chaos Magick

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  • Pocket Guide to Tarot

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