Moon Phase Softwares

Here's a list of small moon appellations you can download for your computer. They are nice tools for planing your spells and rituals:

Moonrise It accurately shows the current phase of the moon, the times of moonrise, moon southing, and moonset.

LunaBar Various pages full of facts on the effect of the moon at the current time. If you choose you can have it run on startup to put some nice icons in your tray on the phase and signe the moon is currently in.

MicroMoon is an application that puts a small moon icon in the system tray area in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock. It shows the currernt phase of moon for your specific location on the globe.

Moon calendars for Mac

Phases of the Moon Phases of the Moon details various facts about the current or selected position of the moon on a particular date and time.
Enter the date and Phases of the Moon displays the moon's orbital position, the winter and summer solstice, dates of the autumnal and vernal equinoxes, the degree of the Earth's tilt, best days for planting crops, the corresponding sign of the Zodiac, season, length of day versus night, and the current time.

Moontool A moon phase programs that gives information to the second about phases, age, distance, etc

MoonFaze A program for displaying the phase of the moon, its right ascension and declination, and its rising times and setting times for any date or time.


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