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Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence

Learn How To Evoke Any Spirit To Full Physical Appearance.

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Five Rituals

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Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E.A. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path.

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  • The Galafron Rite

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    working of Illumination. It is a journey through the 5 Aeons of Magic: the worlds of Shamanism, Paganism, Monotheism and Atheism, finally launching us into the PandaemonAeon in which the sorcerer builds his or her own Chaotopia. The sound contains layers of magical workings which invite you to immerse yourself in the journey..


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  • A Study in Shamanism

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  • Jan Fries - Seidways: shaking, swaying and serpent mysteries

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    Manual of rune magick, and Visual Magick, a handbook of freestyle shamanism, comes the definitive study of magical trance and possession techniques. The author is inspired by the Nordic tradition of Seidr, said to have been taught to the human race by Odin. The book provides an extensive survey of the manifestation of this powerful technique through several related magical traditions - shamanism, mesmerism, draconian cults and even the nightside of European paganism. Seething is probably the most useful magical technique I have ever learned. I first was taken by the pleasure of it. My body felt warm and sensual, and seething in the hips felt quite sexual. I liked the feeling of my body taking over where the shaking was first voluntary - but I could still have some control, making the shaking stronger or more subtle. After a while I started to see visions - something that very rarely happens to me. I could see (with my physical eyes, not astrally!) the surface of the land in the centre of the circle rippling, like waves of energy. It was a really moving experience in a site that - until then - had not been particularly 'special' to me... it ..has had a major impact upon my magical work which used to be largely indoors, as at last I have found a way that I can work outdoors. This gives my magical work a potency that it simply didn't have before. - Shantidevi quoted in chapter twelve 'Rhythms and the Mind'

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  • The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda

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    Completed shortly before anthropologist-shaman Castaneda's death in April 1998, this book serves as the fulfillment of a task his teacher, the Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan Matus, gave him many years ago, when Castaneda was instructed to collect the significant events of his life. This was not, however, meant as a collection of major milestones in his physical existence but as a selective work describing the transcendent moments and meaningful insights that changed his life and brought him new understanding. Castaneda excels as a storyteller. Incidents both poignant and empowering form a solid thread through his shamanic development and ultimately total embrace of the world view of the Yaqui sorcerers. This basically autobiographical work is more personal than Castaneda's previous books, presenting a human portrait of a remote, mysterious figure. The supernatural occurrences defy explanation yet help to provide a fascinating look at a complex life.

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  • King Serge Kahili - Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 122 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Huna philosophy is about learning to become a conscious cocreator with the Universe. Hawaiian shaman King uses Kahuna healing methods to help us access the hidden energy of life, develop powers of concentration, and make friends with the deepest aspect of our being.

    Learn how your Higher Self, or aumakua, is contacted in the dream dimension

    Get in touch with the Mana, the hidden energy of life

    Develop higher powers of concentration by utilizing the tikis, created images of sight, sound, and feeling in meditation

    Become aware of your subconscious, an integral part of your being, which impatiently awaits communion with the ego

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  • Shamanism in Siberia

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  • Stanislav Grof - Holotropic Breathing (modern shamanism)

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  • Michael Harner - Shamanic Journey Multiple Drumming

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  • Alberto Villoldo - Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 250 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Alberto Villolda has studied the shamanic healing techniques of the descendants of the Incas for more than 25 years.

    In this manual Villoldo explains the luminous energy field that he maintains surrounds living beings and shows how to use it in both healing and prevention of illness.


  • 367
  • Remarks on Shamanism

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  • Patricia Telesco - Kitchen Witch's Guide to Magikal Tools

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 446 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    A wide variety of implements have held a place of respect in metaphysical practices throughout the world - be it the incense burning during a monk's mantras, the candles lit on a witch's altar, or the animal horn adorning the Shaman?s costume. And while we know that tools are simply helpmates to magick (that each person enables and activates the potential therein), we also know that we come to trust our tools as an important component in many of our spiritual efforts. But what do we really know about them? Where do they come from? What do they truly represent? Ever wondered why the Good Fairy used a wand, and how that translated into modern magickal settings? These questions and many others are answered in Kitchen Witch's Guide to Magickal Tools. It is your gateway to a wonderful adventure - discovering the history, myths, and folklore behind everything in a modern witch's kit. You'll learn how to make many of these tools in your own home, fill them with personal energy, bless them, and care for them. What about the things you can't readily make? Patricia includes a detailed list of sources known and trusted by elders and leaders in the Neo-Pagan community. In other words, this is a one-stop "shop" that you can return to again and again for information and ideas to improve the meaningfulness and potency of all your magickal tools.

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  • Carlos Castaneda - The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

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    The Teachings of Don Juan initiated a generation of seekers dissatisfied with the limitations of the Western worldview. Castaneda's now classic book remains controversial for the alternative way of seeing that it presents and the revolution in cognition it demands. In a series of fascinating dialogues, Castaneda sets forth his partial initiation with don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian shaman from the state of Sonora, Mexico. He describes don Juan's perception and mastery of the "non-ordinary reality" and how peyote along with other plants sacred to the Mexican Indians were used as gateways to the mysteries of "dread," "clarity," and "power." The Teachings of Don Juan is the story of a remarkable journey that has left an indelible impression on the life of more than a million readers around the world.

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  • Ecstatic Religion - A Study of Shamanism and Spirit Possession

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  • Terence McKenna - Opening the Doors of Creativity

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    A fresh talk emphasizing the challenge of artistic creation. If we take seriously the shamanic model as a basis for our authentic art, then in the modern context what we see missing from the repertoire of the artist are shamanic techniques. Terence was brought here for the discussion of these shamanic techniques. The break between abstract expressionism and what preceeded it was the most radical break in American art in this century. Abstract expressionism actually carried us into a confrontation with what the quantum physicists were telling us, that the universe is field upon field of integrated vibration, that there is no top level, there is no bottom level, that the ordinary strucrures of provisional space-time are simply that; if we can rise out of the human dimension then we discover these larger, more integrated dimensions where mind and nature actually somehow interpenetrate each other.

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  • Be a Goddess

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 104 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Are you looking for the spell to find inner wisdom ? or perhaps just a new car? Are you seeking the magic formula to turn around a run of bad luck or put romance in your life? Let Celtic Shaman Francesca De Grandis be your guide through this highly entertaining workbook of unique rites and incantations. De Grandis, a living example of the passion, sensuality, and unique individuality celebrated by the Celtic faerie tradition, believes that everyone can use a little magic in their lives. Be a Goddess! is a remarkable down-to-earth introduction to the mysticism, techniques, and integrity of this ancient religion. Humerous and illuminating, Be a Goddess! is organized into fifteen practical lessons that will lead you through the rites of the shamanic journey. De Grandis reveals Celtic rituals and spells for building your self-confidence, bringing health and wealth into your life, and expressing your own brand of bewitching sexuality. Indulge yourself and learn how to find the goddess within you.

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  • Susan Greenwood - The Nature of Magic: An Anthropology of Consciousness

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    This book examines how and why practitioners of nature religion--Western witches, druids, shamans--seek to relate spiritually with nature through "magical consciousness". Greenwood develops a new theory of magical consciousness by arguing that magic ultimately has more to do with the workings of the human mind in terms of an expanded awareness than with socio-cultural explanations. She combines her own subjective insights gained from magical practice with practitioners' in-depth accounts and sustained academic theory on the process of magic. She also tracks magical consciousness in philosophy, myth, folklore and story-telling, and the hi-tech discourse of postmodernity.

  • 374
  • Pete Jennings - Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices

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  • Thomas A. DuBois - An Introduction to Shamanism

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 396 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    Shamans are professionals who make use of personal supernatural experiences as a resource for the wider community's physical and spiritual well-being. This book introduces the beliefs and rituals typical of shamanic traditions around the world and the techniques used by shamans including music, entheogens, material culture and verbal performance.


  • 376
  • Magick of The Mexican Shamans aka Spells of Mexican Shamans, A Bruja's Book of Spells

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 71 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @500 credits

    This amazing book contains a comprehensive Introduction to Magic Talismans, Applications of Magic Ta
    Shamanism. This is the Mexican Natural Magic, the true Brujeria. It is contaminated by European religion in varying degrees, depending on how far from the main cities you look, but most of its pre-Hispanic contents are still there. Mostly healing and herb lore, it is rich in tradition, ceremony and natural empirical knowledge. The study of Mexican Shamanism will greatly enrich the magick book of any practitioner, as will all the myths and lore surrounding it.

  • 377
  • Candlemas 1991: Volume I, No.5 - Mezlim: Practical Magick for the New Aeon

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 57 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @50 credits

    An Independent Journal for the Working Magus

    The State of Magick Today
    The Shadow Tarot
    The Urban Shaman
    The Milk of the Stars
    ParaTheatrical Research
    Psychological Perspectives on Magick
    Voice of the Sheya
    Ry'Leh Rising


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  • Harvey & Wallis - Historical Dictionary of Shamanism

    Downloaded: 1 times | Size: 329 pages | Add to wishlist | Download for @100 credits

    Few religious traditions have generated such diversity and stirred imaginations as shamanism. In their engagements with other worlds, shamans have conversed with animals and ancestors and have been empowered with the knowledge to heal patients, advise hunters, and curse enemies. Still other shamans, aided by rhythmic music or powerful plant helpers, undertake journeys into different realities where their actions negotiate harmony between human and other than human communities. Once relegated to paintings on cave walls, today Shamanism can be seen in performances at rave clubs and psychotherapeutic clinics.

    The Historical Dictionary of Shamanism has the duel task of exploring the common ground of shamanic traditions and evaluating the diversity of both traditional indigenous communities and individual Western seekers. This is done in an introduction, a bibliography, a chronology, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries, which explore the consistent features of a variety of shamans, the purposes shamanism serves, the function and activities of the shaman, and the cultural contexts in which they make sense.

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