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  • Astrolabe's Free Astro Chart Data Input Page: A wonderful service provided by Astrolabe; you don't even have to enter an email address. It's designed to do birth charts, but to find the astrological circumstances of a given ritual, enter its information instead of yours. This is a great service, and a rare one.

  • This one is a fun test to see how clairvoyance you are. Give it a try!


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Planetary Softwares:

ChronosXP: Free Planetary Hours Software for Windows, a free planetary hours program for Windows. It runs from the system tray where it displays a glyph corresponding to the current planetary hour. If you double-click on the glyph, a calendar window opens up where you can see planetary hour times for any given day or location. ChronosXP currently supports the English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese languages.


MoonTool is a very useful little program to help to time your magickal working with the phase of the moon. Calculates the current moon phase together with several other astronomical data, like the distance of the sun and the moon, the rise and set, equinoxes and solstices, eclipses. Also calculates moon-related holidays like easter, pesach, chinese new year.


Cal93 This program provides several short methods for getting the Thelemic Date It also has additional features, such as planetary hours calculations, and an alarm feature which will notify you as various celestial events occur.


Angelic Hourly Chart. This is a simple, planetary hours calculator. When you try running the file and incase you get an error like 'Missing runtime dll' or something like that, it means that you don't have the required dlls on your system. Just download and install the runtime dlls from here. Once the program is up and running, all you have to do is input the times in 24 hr format. Eg. 6:30 am would be 06:30 and 7:45 pm would be 19:45. Then, select the day, click Compute and voila! You'll get the planetary hours for the day; scroll down a bit and you'll see the night hours as well. Enjoy!

Planetary Hour. An MS Office Excel file.


More Moon Phase Softwares




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