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Download Guide

- Please register or login into your account. Active subscription is required with sufficient download credits balance to access premium contents. Credits can be purchased by clicking "Add Credit" link from your member's page.

- Browse the library from main menu link "library" or "downloads" to click on a title to download it and click OK to confirm as there is no credit refund for accidental downloads. Download provided on 'as is' basis and credit refund only given for non-existence file.

- View your download "History" from your member's page. Download history page will display your list of downloaded files, date of downloads, credit costs and total credit spent.

Download links in this page will be active for a maximum of 21 days where files can be downloaded again without you being charged twice. Save your files securely as you will be charged again if you download the same file after grace period has passed.

- If a file is corrupted, check your connection stability before re-downloading from "Download History" page. Contact us via Helpdesk and please include name and URL of the file to enable us to fix it asap.

- Please log out from member's page to prevent others from using your account. You can access to your account from a maximum of 5 different IP's. Multiple logins exceeding this limit will suggest account sharing which will result in automatic account termination.

- Download Credit values may change without notice. 

- Contact our 24 hours Helpdesk at any time whenever you need help or having issue in using the library.
Please note that we will support functions of the library and file availibility only. 


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